Three beasts were formed by a famous actor's snot and tears accumulating in a tissue.
While still in search of their final forms, they started a negotiation about the distribution of roles in a video.
This video was supposed to be a ritual sacrificing them to the Youtube to keep humans mentally healthy, financially stable and motivated.
Each one of them wanted to play the googly eyed one in the center of the shot that adorably falls asleep while having a snack.
But the rules of attention design demanded their performance to include two sidekicks:
One jumping out of the frame, shocked by the approaching body of the first one falling towards them.
And one being unphased by the situation and looking in another direction.
The negotiations turned into a violent argument that lasted on.
Leafs were falling, then snow, the snotty tissue froze and thawed, soaked in summer rains, dried in the autumn breeze.
The humans that had planned to sacrifize the beasts had long forgotten about this idea.
Then, one of the beasts accidently knocked down a camera with a big angry gesture.
A camera? They gasped. All of this had been filmed.
In a three year long editing session, they produced a documentary from the material.
Through this ritual, they merged into one, becoming this film as one single creature.
The tissue dissolved endlessly and one fiber of if is in every piece of paper on this world.