In 2018 a various U.S. american newspaper articles were published about Bridget the lioness, that was born and raised in the Oklahoma City Zoo and in 2017 had started to grow a mane. German news followed, wrote Bridget was "Ein seltener Fall einer mysteriösen Vermännlichung von Löwen-Damen" ("A rare case of masculinization of lion ladies"). [ arcticle]
In March 23, 2018 a video called "Maned Lioness Bridget Health Update" was posted on the Oklahoma Zoo Youtubechannel, showing their director of veterinary services stating that the "mysterious case" was "solved". She explains the method of taking blood samples from Bridget and the results which showed that in comparison to her sister, her levels of Cortisol and Androstenedione were high. [OK ZOO video]
A person in the comments to the video writes Bridget looks "beautiful but also like a lion wizard". Another one is critizising that the noises of children in the audio background make it hard to understand the director of veterinary services. One comment reads "Roar like a Kingstress". In a comment from 2021, a person asks if now that Bridget died, her autopsy will be released to the public to show if there was a tumor discovered in her adrenal gland.
And what does Bridgets afterlife look like now? See here.