There is two parts to this creature:
A soft and slimey intestine with a large foot and an autonomic nervous system. And a shell thats used as a house, a shield, a weapon and a fashion statement.

The shell is a layered calcium carbonate crust above the cringing muscles that cover the solar plexus area. Through little holes in the shell the intestine can stick its antennas out. All sensory input comes from outside factors but is processed on the inside. In the dark and cool environment, instant recharge takes place after a sensory experience. But once in a while the recharge process is disturbed. A culmination of hormonal processes leads to an outburst of the CaCo3-gland, adding a new layer to the shell.

After the death of the intestine, scientists study their shells in a lab. They analyse the amount and shape of the layers to retrace personal environmental histories.
Before their death, viewers admire their shapes, colours and patterns on the runway of international fashion shows.