This anthropomorphic creature defies gravity. At least of the intended kind. He's sullen, gruff, and at times downright incomprehensible. His physical presence at times resembles a drab, leathery moon, weather in sandals, sandals fully capped with dust, or any other setting. His substance is an obscure soup, composed of pumpkin, barley, black beans, whole-wheat pasta, oatmeal, chorizo and olive oil, among other ingredients. He appears as a lobster [without shell], crustacean tentacles grasped onto an aquarium-glass, struggling to keep his eyes open against the deep blue of the waters. He's often downright smelly, with a pallid face and body, which fluctuates in color depending on what he's eating. Even his functions are shadowy. He grunts, snorts, breathes and pants, sometimes as he plays video games. He also holds the honor of being the most succesful video game mascot of all times. [Generated with]